Shawn Watson in Trouble at Nebraska

Posted: December 5, 2010 in Rumors

While I can’t confirm anything other than fan hatred, Nebraska Cornhusker Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson has to be skating on thin ice. The Huskers raced out to a 17 point lead yesterday against the Oklahoma Sooners in the Big 12 Championship only to post 80 yards of offense in the second half.

What the average rube doesn’t understand is Watson is a holdover from the Bill Callahan regime and Pellini probably wants to bring in one of his guys. Watson has ten years of experience as on OC between four at Nebraska and six at Colorado.

The Huskers have QB Taylor Martinez for three more years, incoming freshmen Bubba Starling, and would ideally be looking for a zone/read/spread type of OC. Some will argue that Martinez has no pocket presence. The kid is a redshirt freshman, he gets a hall pass. Watson has been instrumental in his development. Around Lincoln, Martinez was rumored to be the best QB through the entire 2009 season but with a redshirt tag last year, he couldn’t be called on.

Martinez also has an obvious ankle issue, that is the issue, not the lack of pocket presence.

Watson will end up interviewing for other open HC positions. Pellini won’t deny universities the shot at interviewing him. Here’s to hoping that Watson lands a HC job and Pellini doesn’t have to nuke him.

  1. Josh Zach says:

    you are an idiot. Martinez sucks and unfortunately he is coming back. He might have had an initial injury but if you read your facts it was all a show. He wore his boot on the wrong foot during a practice and spotted doing athletic activities outside of practice. Maritnez is a piece and being a red shirt freshman has nothing to do with it. He started out great but again look he played. And yes we want Watson gone he is the worst playcaller in the Fbs.

    • pfeff says:

      Check out Martinez stats and Nebraska’s record prior to his injury. I don’t care much for his attitude or his helicopter of a dad, but he has promised to improve his attitude.

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